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The latest evening length dance-theater work directed by Chafin Seymour and made in collaboration with Tyrone Bevans, Lena Engelstein, David Glista, Cameron McKinney, Anna Pinault, Sophie Sotsky & Kimiko Tanabe.

This work was sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

In addition, Nacirema received commissioning support from Triskelion Arts Presents (Brooklyn, NY) as well as generous community support from the following:


96B Dance Theater

Polly Barey

Walter Beller-Morales

Jo Bennet & Ron Rocheleau

Mary Anne Bodnar

Kitty Caparella

Douglas Cordwell

The Creative Fund

Lindi Duesenberg

Allison Escher

Chelsea Escher

Gary & Erika Escher

Will Felker

Steve & Edith Fortes

Maria Gallagher

Kristen Giddings

Marisaa Graham

Hannah Gross

Kadie Henderson

Daniel Lyons Holt

Marta Hicks

Elizabeth Luciano

Ian Macaulay 

Emily Maple

Dorothy McGhee

Graziella Murdocca

Deb Nahikian

Marie Nahikian

Marcia & Jerry Nelms

John Parker

Sarah Person

Deb Pinault

Jonah Rexer

Amanda Seymour​

Gene Seymour

Tori Seymour

Victoria Seymour

Cecily Shores

Steve Starger

Kevin Vaughan

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